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I am an Illustranimer- a word I just made up to describe myself as someone who illustrates, animates and designs.


When I’m not illustranising I love going on adventures in hopes of meeting and petting your dog. When my canine needs are fulfilled I tend to engage with other creatives and colleagues to inspire new and ambitious endeavours.


Lets work together!

Lydia graduated from the Sheridan Illustration program in 2016. While she was there she was conditioned to think conceptually, intuitively and critically when she designs and illustrates.


Lydia has become very versatile in her work tackling narrative and editorial projects as well as motion design and animation.


Since graduating she has worked as the lead design for multiple start ups, developing their overall identities and providing comprehensive brand packages.


For the last 2 years Lydia has worked with Varipix INC; a multidisciplinary design studio. Here she has had the opportunity to lend her creative design skills to brands such as Honda, CBC, Acura, History Television, and more.

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